It’s Always Nice to Get Positive Feedback

March 13th, 2012
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Delaware’s focus on social media channels between state agencies and the public received a pleasant nod earlier this month from a blog that focuses on improving the use of web technology among emergency management agencies. The editors at idisaster 2.0 singled out Delaware in a post on how states list social feeds from their various agencies:

My favorite State site I visited, regarding incorporation of SM, has to be Delaware. There is no second guessing whether or not they are using social media because the entire landing page is taken up by all of their statewide SM feeds, for example, even the bottom of the page is a Flickr gallery.

The editors at idisaster 2.0 were performing a spot-check of a sample of states to determine whether citizens have access to a “dashboard” of information feeds which might be very helpful in emergency situations. As we reported last fall, following Delaware’s brush with Hurricane Irene, Delawareans appear to have made good use of the variety of social media and traditional information channels the state uses.

The editors also noted at least one non-social-media aspect of the Delaware portal as helpful in non-emergency situations as well:

The designers also include a handy tag cloud for users to search information. I don’t have to know which agency is responsible for “unclaimed property”, I just click on the key word: fabulously simple.

The idisaster 2.0 site itself looks like a decent source to keep an eye on, for those of us trying to improve the use and sharing of web technologies.

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