An Open Data Portal for Delaware

July 12th, 2011
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An example of XML dataWe’ve started an ambitiously named page called to hold links to open, machine-readable data sets used in various mobile apps, web page applications and other tools built as part of our mission to help ensure Delawareans “free and equal access to state, local and federal government information and resources.”

The page started as a by-product of our work on the Delaware Fresh iPhone app, which draws on a data file formatted as XML (extensible markup language). A selection from that file — FSData.xml — is at right. There’s no reason not to make available to everyone the data that the Delaware Fresh app draws from. Someone may come up with an even better use for it.

And that thought led us to data sets posted in open formats by other agencies. We’ve posted links to  financial data, demographic data, transit information and other resources.  Our new “Open Data Portal” has only a handful of links, so far. But we’re open to suggestions and will continue to search out data sets that might be of interest or of use to people on-line.

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