Delaware’s Library Portal Makes News

June 6th, 2011
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Delaware's Library Portal, News Journal featured the web portal of the Delaware State Library System this weekend. Saturday’s story, Your library comes home, focuses on how a selection of patrons use the portal’s “Ebrary” of digital publications in their personal and professional lives. It builds from those small portraits to a broad mural of a statewide network of libraries joined together both functionally and in an on-line “meta-library.”

The Delaware Libraries portal,, is the product of a partnership known as “the Delaware Library Catalog Consortium” established to help bring library resources to the people of the First State:

… to provide enhanced access for the residents of Delaware to information through a single online library database. This catalog enables Delaware Library Card holders to use any of the participating libraries. In addition this provides a broader, more extensive collection of materials and resources and economy of scale savings for member libraries. The Delaware Division of Libraries (DDL) in cooperation with Delaware libraries will strive to offer Delaware’s residents access to a full range of information, materials and resources.

The portal includes ways for patrons to manage their relationship with Delaware’s public libraries, information about those libraries, live on-line interaction with librarians, access to the state’s full catalog of physical materials and a growing collection of eBooks (Delaware’s “Ebrary”), and more.

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